Deciding Whether to Remove a Pigeon Nest

People tend to enjoy watching and feeding pigeons at the park. In such a setting, they may be seen as beautiful or majestic creatures. However, a pigeon that has made a nest in or near a person’s home may pose a danger to the home and to those who live there. Let’s take a closer look at whether or not it may be necessary to remove a pigeon and its nest.

Is the Nest Located in the House?

If the nest is located in a garage or in an attic, it may be best for a professional to remove it as soon as possible. This is because the birds may have several babies at a time, and those babies may also make their home wherever they happen to hatch. If given enough time to linger, there could be dozens or hundreds of pigeons taking up residence in a person’s home. Ultimately, they could cause significant damage to a property, which may result in a family being displaced.

What About Nests Located Outside of a House?

If a pigeon makes its nest in a barn or some other structure, it may not be necessary to move it. In many cases, moving a nest may make it harder for the babies to survive because the mother may abandon it. This is because the bird may not be able to find the nest attempt to make another one elsewhere. However, it is important to note that birds don’t actually abandon their nests or their young just because a human touches it.

Talk to an Animal Control Professional Immediately

Contacting professionals that offer pigeon control in Las Vegas professional may make it possible to remove pigeons and their nests in a timely manner. It may also be possible to take steps to ensure that they are not able to return. This may allow a home to once again be a safe and sanitary place for individuals and their families to live.