How To Prevent Termites From Destroying Your Property

When it comes to dealing with pests, one of the most destructive types of critters are termites, which can leave behind thousands of dollars in damage. The pests can go undetected because they’re often difficult to spot or hear. If you want to prevent termites from arriving on your property, there are a few necessary steps to take to protect the building.

Perform Inspections

It’s necessary to hire professional¬†pest control Las Vegas¬†to perform an inspection on your home at least once a year to determine if termites are present. They’ll examine the materials on the home and will also check for droppings, dead termites, or wings that are left behind. You can also look for sawdust that may be present near the wood materials of your building or small holes, which is a sign that termites have begun to cause damage. Scheduling a termite inspection can allow you to stop the damage before it becomes more severe.

Do Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is necessary to keep termites and other types of pests out of your home. You’ll need to maintain the wooden siding and windows on your building, which will reduce the risk of water seeping into the building and attracting the critters. Crawlspaces should also be properly ventilated with a good vapor barrier present to prevent moisture from affecting the subfloor and joists.

Remove Access

Termites are often capable of damaging homes because they have access to the building through various entryways that may be present. You’ll need to remove any access that they have by sealing small cracks that may be present on the exterior of the building. Bug screen covers should also be installed over vents that are present in the foundation and attic to ensure that the home is secure and protected. Removing dead trees or firewood in your yard will also prevent termites from having a source food that attracts them to the property different times of the year.