The Top Places Bed Bugs Can Hide in Your Home

Bed bugs easily hitch a ride into your home. They may get in through library or used books, luggage you took to a hotel or used furnishings that you brought into your home. Once they get inside, they quickly hide out of your sight. Experienced professionals at a company for pest control in Las Vegas can find those hiding spots and get rid of these troublesome pests.

Bedroom Furniture

As their name suggests, bed bugs prefer to hide in or near beds. They will scurry into the side, head or foot boards of a bed’s frame. They will also get into the box spring, which is easier for them to do if the box spring is not covered or if it has a tear. The bed bugs will also hide within crevices of the mattress. In addition to the bed, bed bugs may hide in a dresser, chest of drawers or bedside table.

Chairs and Sofas

Upholstered chairs and sofas have plenty of nooks, crannies and crevices for bed bugs. When you sit down on the piece of furniture, the insect may come out to feed on you. When you get off of the chair or sofa, you will notice the bite. Since most people spend less time on a sofa or chair than in bed, you may not notice the bugs there.

Cluttered Areas

Bed bugs will also hide in places around the home that have a lot of clutter. An end table stuffed with papers, a drawer stuffed with fabric or clothing or a closet that is overstuffed with clothes and shoes are all attractive places for bed bugs to hide. If these cluttered areas are in proximity to where people sleep, they are even more likely to harbor bed bugs.