Two Ways Pigeons Ruin the Grocery Shopping Experience

Everyone’s heard of pigeons, but here in the U.S., no one wants to be near them. This is especially true for shoppers who have to deal with them while shopping for groceries.

Here’s a couple of examples of what your customers are dealing with, along with reasons why you could be losing business on a daily basis.

Droppings on Shopping Carts Is Gross!

Shopping carts aren’t the most sanitary devices in the world under the best of circumstances. Thousands of people place their hands on the handles, vastly increasing the transfer of germs. And mothers often find that their toddler has leaked through their diaper, leaving traces on the seat portion of the shopping cart.

Adding insult to injury is the common occurrence of bird droppings that land on shopping carts. The last thing that shoppers want is to place the food they’re about to put inside of their refrigerators on top of dried bird feces.

Look Alive — Watch That Bird!

Imagine minding your business while pushing your shopping cart around the store, intently focusing on your shopping list and the food along the shelves, when all of a sudden, a black object flies, bobs, and weaves over your head!

You shriek out in shock, wondering what’s about to possibly fall on top of your head when you realize…it’s a pigeon flying around the store! After taking a deep sigh of relief, you become highly annoyed. What’s that bird doing inside of the store, anyway?

Do you really want your store’s perception to be a literal animal farm that’s out of control? More important, do your customers deserve to shop in a minor state of terror because of rogue birds entering every time the doors to the property opens?

Offer Your Customers the Shopping Experience They Deserve

No matter how many sales and promotions your store offers to drive business, your store will never generate the revenue that it could if shoppers know that pigeons are a problem.

Pigeons aren’t cute pets. They carry a host of mites, bacteria, and germs. Their droppings are disgusting to look at, and it smells disgusting. If you’re tired of losing customers due to your pigeon problem, then it’s time to tackle things now!

Take control of this issue by contacting a professional company for a pigeon extermination in Las Vegas today.