Three Tips for Preventing Pigeons from Accessing Sources of Food

Pigeons are ubiquitous with living in the city, and the large numbers of these birds make them a source of frustration for many home and business owners. The pigeons are omnivores, and will eat seeds, grains, nuts, berries, worms and snails. Getting rid of their food sources and contacting a service for pigeon extermination in Las Vegas could help to rid you of your pigeon problem.

Secure Trash Dumpsters

Pigeons have sharp beaks and claws that easily tear into plastic trash bags. Avoid leaving bags of trash in a dumpster or garbage can with no lid. At the minimum, close the dumpster lid. If possible, lock the lid so that no people can open it and make it accessible to the birds.

Cover or Enclose Compost

Recycling food and yard waste is environmentally friendly, but it also attracts vermin and pigeons if the compost pile is left out in the open. Consider using an enclosed barrel for your compost instead of just having an open compost pile. A barrel is easy to manage, because you just rotate it once per day. The compost also breaks down faster in the barrel because the heat and moisture stays inside of it.

Avoid Bird Feeders

While you might enjoy feeding the song birds that visit your property, the pigeons will also take advantage of the buffet. When pigeons are a problem, take the bird feeders away for a while. You could use a liquid bird feeder for hummingbirds or a similar solution for a while. These feeders are less messy, and the pigeons will not be able to access them. Liquid bird feeders are also less attractive to the local squirrel, mouse and rat populations that feed on the spilled seeds.