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3 Ways a Pigeon Infestation Can Cause Damage

Pigeon infestations are not typically considered to be as bad as infestations of other pests and vermin. People are usually more concerned about dealing with an infestation of rodents or cockroaches than they are with pigeons. However, pigeons can be just as destructive and unhygienic as rodents and other pests. The three main dangers from a pigeon infestation are discussed below. If you have a pigeon infestation, be sure to consult professionals skilled in pigeon control in Las Vegas.

Pigeon Droppings Can Cause Permanent Stains

The most common problem seen in a pigeon infestation is an overabundance of pigeon droppings. These droppings can leave permanent stains on your house or property if not cleaned off thoroughly and quickly. Of course, it may be difficult to clean off all the droppings immediately if there is a serious pigeon infestation on your property.

Nests Can Clog Gutters and HVAC Systems

Another common and more serious problem is the danger of pigeon nests clogging gutters and HVAC systems. Pigeons tend to make their nests in elevated and somewhat sheltered areas like HVAC systems and gutters. A pigeon nest in an HVAC system can eventually lead to the system being destroyed if the next is not removed quickly. In addition, a pigeon nest in a gutter can lead to flooding on the property or even in the house. It may be difficult to find and remove all the pigeon nests on your property yourself, which is why it’s important to bring in professionals.

Pigeons Can Spread Disease

By far the most serious problem posed by a pigeon infestation is the spread of disease. As you likely know, pigeons are implicated in the spread of a variety of diseases that can lead to severe illnesses in people of all ages, even healthy adults. These diseases are more common when there is a serious pigeon infestation and there are pigeon droppings everywhere on the property. However, even a small number of pigeons can spread disease. To avoid this, it is vital to get rid of a colony of pigeons as soon as they roost on your property.