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Pigeons plague parks, homes and public areas throughout Las Vegas , especially under bridges along the Pittman Wash, Flamingo Wash, Las Vegas Creek and Duck Creek. Pigeons are not likely to be individual problems, but flocks of pigeons cause extensive damage to structures from their waste and nesting materials.

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  • Clean up. Bird guano may harbor fungi, corrode structural element and overpower a sense of smell.
  • Spikes. Much like barbed wire prevents cattle from stampeding through fences, so rows of bird spikes prevent pigeons from landing or roosting on flat surfaces.
  • Screens. Wire mesh covers air conditioning units and chimneys, allowing them to safely continue operation.
  • Traps. These humane mesh cages capture birds unharmed up to dozens at a time.
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At Buddies Exterminating, we can help you finally be rid of those pesky pigeons by using the most effective means of pigeon removal and control available. Since 1962, we’ve been a trusted name for pigeon problems in the Las Vegas valley.


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Look no further! Buddies was referred to us over 3 years ago and we’ve never had an issue with insects while using their service. Brian, the owner, is very kind and helpful. He takes a lot of pride in his work and believe me it shows. We recently moved to a new house and it would have been the perfect time to switch companies if we were unhappy. From receptionist, to the techs, to owner – I am extremely pleased with their level of service and effectiveness.

Ernie S., - YELP! Review

I had a huge pigeon problem at my house and Buddies Exterminating took care of it quickly and for a great price! Its been almost 2 weeks and I never see pigeons anymore. My biggest regret is that I didn’t call them earlier! If you have pigeons at your house call them right now and they’ll get rid of them for you.

Caleb I, Yelp Review

I am very impressed with them. 4 years ago, they put up screens on my solar panels (one of the few companies that will do this) to keep out the flying rats (pigeons). Once of the sections came loose and instead of charging for the house call they stated that it was due to one of their fasteners which they guarantee for 5 years! What a relief to work with such an honest and competent family owned business. Highly recommended.

Mark B., Google Reviews

Brian at Buddies is awesome!!! He’s been servicing our house for several years and keeps everything under control!! It’s crazy, if I notice a random spider or critter it’s like clockwork and that same day I get a text letting me know he’s coming tomorrow. So his timing is great…. he knows his stuff and the “life” of his product and it works great! There have been one or two occasions I asked him to come a bit earlier and he was very accommodating! It’s nice to be able to trust him coming into our house when we aren’t home with no hesitations. Thanks Brian!! You’re the best!!

Estela C., Google Reviews

Excellent! Amazing people, wonderful service. No bugs for years. Always on time. We have been with Buddies for many years and I cannot say enough good things about them. Beyond professional. Thank you so much for always being there whenever we need you!

Sheri K., Google Reviews

I have used Buddies for years and think they are the best in town. The owner is professional, reliable and easy to get in touch with. He is cognizant of the environment and fur babies! I have and will continue to recommend his services to friends and colleagues. Big thanks to Buddies and Brian!

Emily Z., Google Reviews