Best Ways to Deter Pigeons From Nesting On Your Property

  • Date: September 20, 2021

While there is a lot of great bird watching around the Las Vegas area, there are some pesky birds that you need to watch out for. When pigeons move in, they are hard to get rid of. Removing them from your guttering and chimney may take professional help and will take diligent effort.

Large Nests

Pigeons make large nests. The can be more than a foot and a half wide and up to seven inches tall. While the original structure may be rather flimsy, they will come back next year and strengthen that nest.

These nests can clog up your downspouts and fill up your chimney. If you start a fire with a pigeon nest in your chimney, you may end up having a chimney fire, a dead bird caught in your fireplace or stove, or worse.

Social Birds

Not only do Las Vegas pigeons build bulky nests that can damage your home, but when they come back next year they will bring a friend. You can quickly find yourself a host to a group of birds that will damage your property, make a lot of mess and noise, and bully the songbirds you want to see.

Worse, pigeons tend to have really unpleasant hangers-on. Dead pigeons feed stray cats, coyotes, and rats. Their sociability means that one pigeon with bird lice will become a whole flock of pesky birds that are hosting these critters.


Pigeon poop eats steel and concrete. Your guttering, deck and plantings have no chance against this nasty, corrosive poop. Worse, the bacteria that can survive in pigeon poop is nothing to mess with. If you have a birdbath that you rinse out and fill each day, handling it means that you may end up touching pigeon poop and that bacteria may come into your home on your shoes, clothing and skin.

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How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Once you have pigeons nesting on your property, you’ll need professional help to tackle pigeon removal. This may mean bringing in a professional on a regular schedule to remove the nests because they will rebuild.

Professionals may also be able to trap and euthanize problem pigeons. Birth control is another option, but if you’re using it and your neighbors aren’t you are facing a losing battle. Hosting raptors can be useful, but be aware that these birds migrate and pigeons will just move in when the raptors take off. Additionally, if you like songbirds, any raptor that can take out a pigeon will not have a problem with smaller birds.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to shoot pigeons. If you’re a very good shot and aren’t at risk of hitting anyone or anything behind your home it may be effective. Of course, taking out the pigeon will be less satisfying if you end up having to fix your roof or repair your windows.

Pigeons breed quickly. Killing them is a short-term response. You will also need to keep them out once you get them gone.

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How to Prevent Their Return

To keep pigeons from returning, there are several tools you can use to block them from their favorite nesting sites. Once the nest is removed, you may need to add mesh to cover your gutters. You can also make the space extremely unfriendly to pigeons by adding fake predators.

Your predators can include a fake owl or a fake hawk. Get a statue that is both hearty and movable. If you find a sand plug on the bottom, fill the bird as determined pigeons may attack your statue. Go to the trouble to move your statue around each day to let pigeons know your predator is vigilant.

Birds have a problem with reflective surfaces. Consider investing in a metallic Mylar curtain that will tolerate sun, wind, and heat. Run this along the gutters where the birds nest to let them know that their former nesting site is now hazardous. You can also run this along your deck railing and around outdoor furniture if pigeons are getting especially aggressive.

Your professional pest control Las Vegas contractor may recommend spikes and bird wires along the nesting area. These tools make it very difficult for pigeons to roost. While these tools are helpful, they will really only be one aspect of your pigeon control program. To maintain effective pigeon removal near me, you will need to carefully monitor your home. As soon as you hear the birds or see them returning, contact the best exterminator near me to start the eradication process over.

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Maintaining Your Pigeon-Free Space

Visual hazards such as mirrored tape can help. Additionally, there are auditory repellents to let pigeons know that your home is a dangerous place for them to land, roost, and build.

One of the big challenges to all of these tools is that the birds can get used to them. In addition to removing the nests, culling problem birds, and making the nesting site more hazardous, you will need to address the scent they may have left behind. Pigeon droppings and pheromones will act as a magnet for these birds until things are cleaned up.

Do not try to tackle pigeon poop removal on your own unless you have the right gear. This includes, at the minimum,

  • gloves
  • a respirator
  • eye protection or a face shield

Wet pigeon poop is full of dangerous bacteria and dried pigeon poop is toxic to inhale. Your exterminator can help you find an eradication service that can help you address the problem safely.

Pigeons in the Attic

Like raccoons, pigeons nest happily in their own filth. Unlike raccoons, pigeon waste is corrosive. If you have a gap in your attic and pigeons have moved on, you will need to have the site checked out by a professional.

Your attic may contain wiring and ductwork. Over time, pigeon waste can damage the aluminum, vinyl and copper that is so critical to keeping the lights on and the air moving.

Once the poop has been removed and all of the mechanicals have been checked out, consider having the insulation in your attic changed out. Getting rid of the odor will go a long way toward removing your home as a target for these destructive birds.

Pigeon Removal in Las Vegas

Buddies Exterminating, LLC has been helping Las Vegas homeowners keep pests out of their homes since 1962. They are able to help both commercial and private property owners protect their investments from invading pests.

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