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Pest Control Near Me: How Are Those Rodents Getting Inside?

Looking for pest control near me shouldn’t be difficult. Yet, in many instances, it is much tougher than it should be. If there are rodents inside of your home, you’ll want them gone as soon as possible. Still, even if an exterminator gets rid of them, it is sometimes only a matter of time until they return. Unless you seal the entrance, before long, things will be just like they were. For that reason, learning how they got inside is critical. Without that info, you’ll never stop their sordid invasion.

Pest Control Near Me: Most Common Entrances Used by Rodents

When searching, knowing where to look can help. That way, you don’t spend time focusing your attention on unlikely targets. Instead, you can go right to the most probable source. In effect, you’ll be fast-tracking your investigation. By doing that, your rodent problem shouldn’t take long for you to handle. Ultimately, those rats are going to be gone for good. So, where would the professionals start their investigation? For the most part, you can check the following locations. Those are the most likely culprits.

Often, They Squeeze Through Gaps Around the Windows

Windows are not always as airtight as you would like them to be. Particularly with older windows, gaps may start to form over time. If they go unnoticed, rats might start to use those holes. Luckily, once you find the leak, you can just apply some caulk. That way, those holes won’t be a highway for rodents anymore.

In Some Instances, They Sneak in Through the Ventilation

Now, suppose you searched through all the windows. Yet, despite such efforts, nothing turns up. If that is the case, then your next target should be ventilation. Unfortunately, those are a little more difficult to check thoroughly. Therefore, we suggest setting out traps near all the ventilation shafts. If rats are down there, they’ll have a hard time resisting the bait. By the time the sun rises, you’ll know whether those traps were useful.

Occasionally, They Might Even Fit Underneath a Poorly Sealed Door

Of course, even though vents are such tempting targets, not all rats travel through them. In fact, on many occasions, you’ll discover a door that they use. Since rodents have such sharp teeth, they can chew through a lot of things. When the door doesn’t have a good seal, it’s not difficult for them to make their way through it. After a few hours of gnawing, they can create a whole that’s more than large enough for them. Then, they’ll have unimpeded access to the home. To prevent that, you’ll have to repair the door.

If There Is a Hole, a Rodent Can Fit Through It

Besides the doors and windows, any hole in your home could be a problem. Suppose there is a whole on one of the loans. In that case, then we recommend sealing it. However, before you close it up, you should try to bait the hole. Leaving rats inside the wall isn’t a good idea. If there’s not a way for them to get out, what do you think will happen? Eventually, such a smile would be overwhelming. Luckily, by trapping the mice, you won’t have to deal with it. Instead, you’ll have an unoccupied wall on your hands. To us, that sounds like a pretty sweet deal compared to the alternative.

They Manage to Make It in Through the Garage

So, you’ve gone through all the windows, doors, and walls. Yet, despite such thorough investigative work, you are still empty-handed. At this point, you’re beginning to think there might not be an entranceway. However, if rents are making it inside, they are getting in somehow. That said, this is no time to give up. Instead, let’s turn our attention elsewhere. If none of those previous areas yielded any fruit, we recommend checking out the garage.

Typically, the garage is close all the way. However, if it’s old enough, it might not be properly aligned. When that happens, as it lowers, part of the door may not connect with the ground. Then, a small gap remains between the bottom of the door and your garage floor. In that space, you’d be surprised at how many rodents can squeeze through. Of course, to ameliorate this, you’ll have to realign the garage. Once that is taken care of, rodents shouldn’t be getting in that way anymore.

If All Else Fails, Turn Your Eyes Toward the Roof

Beyond the garage, the next place rodents like to hide would be up on the roof. If none of your investigations have found anything significant, then that will be where you will find them. Surprisingly, rodents are pretty adept at climbing. Thus, getting up on the roof isn’t as difficult for them as you might suspect. Instead, it’s a relatively straightforward endeavor. Therefore, even a multistory home isn’t much of a deterrent. As long as the rats determined to get inside, they can find a way up on there. For that reason, ensuring your roof is in peak condition is critical. Otherwise, all sorts of critters could crawl inside. Plus, with a hole in your roof, water damage is only a matter of time. Then, you’ll have a whole new set of problems occupying your mind. It’s important to get an exterminator’s help for both removal and prevention, so if you find yourself searching for “pest control near me,” you should get your problem fixed fast with the help of a Vegas exterminator.