Nevada Spriders

Nevada Spiders to Watch For

Spiders can be creepy, but the fact is that not all of them are dangerous. This, however, does not mean you should assume that all spiders you find within your home are safe. This is especially true if you live in a state such as Nevada. The state’s year-round temperature is warm and humid, thus creating the perfect conditions for some of the most dangerous spiders known to man. The following includes a list of Nevada spiders to watch for within your home.

The Black Widow Spider

Although there are various spiders within the black widow family, it is the Latrodectus Hesperus spider, which people are more likely to see within their homes. Fortunately, the spider is very easy to spot as its black body contains a red hourglass shape beneath it. Although the black widow will attempt to retreat when threatened, it will attack if it has no other choice.

Desert Recluse Nevada Spiders

Nevada is very hot almost year-round. Therefore, it is no surprise why the desert recluse spider is a native of the state. This spider is brown in color but can also be seen with a yellowish hue to it. The recluse spider’s attack is quick and painful, often producing sores. If you have been noticing a few of these types of spiders within your home or just outside of it, then it is incredibly important to contact a Las Vegas exterminating as soon as possible.

Brown Widow Spider

Sticking with the widow spider, the brown widow spider is another dangerous type to keep an eye out for in Nevada. The spider is similar to the black widow but sports a brown body with a black/red hourglass shape on its bottom. These types of spiders are nocturnal, meaning that you are likely to run into them at night as they begin to create their webs along doors and in between porch openings.