bee exterminatorsProven and Natural Methods Bee Exterminators Use

Bees are cute little insects that build nests in homes around Las Vegas. The worker bees head out and collect nectar, which they bring back to the queen and the hive. While they don’t usually attack humans, they can attack when they feel you or your family is too close to the hive. Even if they don’t sting you, you don’t want to spend the whole season worrying about them every time you step outside. Check out some of the remedies and methods that bee exterminators use to naturally remove bees without killing them.

Bee Issues

Before you call a pest exterminator, you may want to learn more about some of the issues and problems that bees cause. Bees go to great lengths to protect their hives. Even just walking by one can make the workers view you as a threat. A bee sting usually isn’t life-threatening unless you have an allergy, but it can cause swelling and pain. While bees help pollinate your lawn and garden, some types can damage wood surfaces around your home such as your deck and walls. Carpenter bees often build homes inside wood areas.

Signs of an Infestation

One of the biggest signs of an infestation is when you notice a large number of bees outside. Calling local bee exterminators lets you schedule an inspection to find out both how serious of an infestation you have on your hands and what remedies will work the best. If you have carpenter bees, you should see some holes in your wood that the bees make when they burrow into it. You might also notice some discolored spots where the bees build their hives as well as a foul or musty scent.

Repelling Bees

Not everyone who lives in Las Vegas wants to get rid of all the bees they see because they know the benefits of letting those insects pollinate the area. You can repel the bees and make them find a new home rather than kill them. Citronella candles can work, but the scent does not repel all types of bees. Garlic and vinegar sprays also work well on some types and allow you to mix a small amount of garlic and/or vinegar in a bottle with water and spray the solution anywhere you see bees. There are also natural lures that produce scents bees like. When you use these lures in areas further away from your home, it attracts the bees and may make them move their hive.

Work With a Beekeeper

Working with a beekeeper is another way to get rid of bees without killing them. The honey industry is quite large and includes many beekeepers working around Las Vegas. These keepers can come to your home with tools to collect the queen bee. They will then move the queen to a new hive, which makes the other bees follow her. You can also ask the beekeeper about removing the entire hive at once. They may offer this option if you have small children or concerns about the insects.

Using Home Remedies

You can try a few home remedies before you call an exterminator for help. One option is mothballs. The same mothballs that you use in your closet to repel moths and keep them away from your clothing can help you get rid of bees. Try placing a few mothballs in areas where you see bees. As they have a strong scent, they keep bees from coming back to those spots. It’s also helpful to use them around the nest, especially during the day when the worker bees are out. The odor will mask the scent of the hive and stop the bees from coming home.

Cinnamon also produces a scent that bees dislike. You can use an essential oil that contains cinnamon or use ground cinnamon. Cinnamon sticks may also work, but the sticks usually do not smell as strong as the oil or powder. Make sure you apply a liberal amount around the hive and anywhere else you see the bees. Though you can use it to repel ground bees, you can’t always verify that the nests you see belong to bees and not other insects. Contact a scorpion extermination professional to see what type of insect you have on your hands.

Use a Tarp

Pest control Las Vegas professionals often use the tarp method to naturally get rid of bees. You just need a tarp that is big enough to cover the hive and some heavy objects to secure it such as pavers or bricks. Do not use this method except at night. If you try to cover the nest during the day, you have a higher risk of getting stung. Bees return to the hive later in the day and rest at night, which guarantees that they are all inside. Cover the hive with your tarp and then use the pavers or bricks to secure the tarp to the ground. You want to make sure you completely cover it and that there isn’t any way for the bees to leave.

When to Call Bee Exterminators

Whether you need a bee or rat exterminator Las Vegas professional, the best time to call is when you don’t feel confident handling the job yourself. You should also call if you tried any of these remedies and still see bees buzzing around your yard. Bee exterminators often use an aerosol foam that expands as it dries. They use the foam to seal the access points that let bees into the hive. They can also inspect your property to find hives you didn’t know were there and recommend the right treatment.

Though exterminators can work with beekeepers to safely and naturally get rid of bees, they can also use chemicals with your permission. Pesticides work quickly and kill the aggressive bees that attack your family and ensure they don’t come back. Even if you want to get rid of bees without killing them, you may find that extermination is a better option that because it eliminates the problem and keeps your family safe.

Working With a Las Vegas Exterminator

Getting rid of the bees you see outside is a good way to keep your family safe. You don’t need to worry about the insects stinging you when you grill out or invite friends over. Natural remedies such as garlic sprays and citronella candles work on some types of bees but not all. Contact bee exterminators around Las Vegas to find the best ways to naturally get rid of bees without killing them.