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4 Signs You Need to Consider Mouse Extermination Services

Mouse extermination services can seem like overkill, especially if you’ve not seen the furry creatures running through your home. However, mice can breed quickly and take over your home, destroying food and possessions as quickly as a tornado. Wondering if the annoying buggers have set up shop in your walls? Check for these signs you may need pest control help.

You See Rodent Droppings

This is usually the first sign something is amiss. You may find fresh, dark droppings or old grayish colored droppings in areas mice frequent. Check inside drawers and cupboards, anywhere food is stored, and under sinks. If there’s a lot of droppings in one area, you may even be able to find the source of the infestation, giving pest extermination service providers a head start.

There’s a Nasty Smell

If there’s a large infestation of mice in your home, you’ll likely notice a stale or sour smell that you can’t seem to locate. If you have other pets, a key thing to watch for is them pawing at walls or intently smelling areas of your home out of the blue.

Things Have Been Gnawed On

Mice love to gnaw on things. If you see teeth marks in wires, food packaging, or even the structure of your house itself, you likely have mice. The darker the gnaw marks are, the fresher.

You Find Their Nests

If you find a nest, there’s no denying there is, or was, a mouse infestation in your home. These nests will be made of shredded fabric, paper, or even cardboard boxes. There will often be signs of mice around the nesting area, including scavenged food and droppings.

Mouse Extermination Services to the Rescue!

If you see any of these, your best bet is to arrange for top-notch Henderson exterminators to take care of the problem for you.