How Exterminators Help You Get Rid of Pantry Moths

Pantry moths are common insects that you might see flutter out of a bag of flour, rice or seeds when you open up a container from your pantry. You might also see their larvae wriggling around in a bag of dry food. When you see these pests in your kitchen, it is important to contact an exterminator in Las Vegas to help you get rid of the infestation.

What Pantry Moths Are

The scientific name for the pantry moth is Ephestia kuehniella. These insects are found all over the world. Although they prefer warm places, they can survive in a wide range of temperatures above freezing. The adult moths breed quickly, and they are gray with black zigzags on their wings. The larvae are white or pink with brown eye spots.

Why Pantry Moths Are Attracted to Kitchens

Pantry moths feed on starchy substances. The rice, flour, oats and other grains that people buy in bulk quantities and store in their pantries provide an ideal source of food and shelter for the moths. In many cases, the larvae are present when you buy the food. Even if the food is sealed, the moth larvae could be in it. The warm, dry, and dark conditions of the food container in your kitchen create an ideal place for the larvae to develop into adult moths.

Services Provided by Exterminators

Exterminators thoroughly clean the cabinets and shelving units where your food is stored. They use pesticides specially made to eliminate insect infestations. The pesticides are sprayed into the corners of the cabinets and shelves and along their doors. The exterminators may also treat the floorboards, wall corners, and crevices in the areas of your home where you store food.