Why Pigeons Are a Nuisance to Society

Feral pigeons are common around the world and are mostly seen in cities. They will breed rapidly if the conditions are right. Many health authorities around the world work on trying to control the pigeon population. Your local government cannot solve everything, which is why you should be diligent about keeping pigeons from thriving on your property.


There are quite a number of possible diseases that may spread from pigeons so let’s get to the most common ones. Histoplasmosis is a fungal disease found in bird droppings and can devastate the respiratory system. St. Louis Encephalitis is a deadly disease that birds can spread indirectly from mosquitos feeding on their blood. Pigeons may also contaminate food supplies with Salmonellosis and E. coli and make many people sick.

Property Damage

Since there are so many pigeons, you can also expect that there will be plenty of nests. Nests are sometimes found in rooftop drainage systems and obstruct the flow of water. If water cannot be evacuated, the roof can have severe water damage and that can be an expensive repair in the future.

Their nests are also obstructing ventilation systems in many homes and businesses. Debris, droppings, and feathers may make their way through the entirety of the ventilation system and is a major health hazard. Hiring professionals to thoroughly clean everything out is not cheap and parts may need to be replaced as well.

What Should Be Done?

First of all, water and food sources should be targeted in order to mitigate population growth. This means that properties should be kept clean of food scraps and still water should not be left out. Local governments may also discourage people from feeding pigeons in public areas.

For a more direct approach, hiring a professional for pigeon extermination in Las Vegas will make things much easier. Be sure to get a quote on what should be done with your property so that you won’t have to live with these rats from the sky.