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Ways Outdoor Snakes Come Into Your Home

There’s no doubt about it; snakes are a sneaky bunch. Not only do they hardly make any noise, but they are limber/small enough to crawl into almost anything. Combine these two, and you have outdoor snakes that will eventually make their way into your home. However, only when you understand how they enter the home, can you begin to craft some solutions to keeping them outside. Therefore the following list includes some of the many ways snakes make their way into your home.

Outdoor Snakes and Garage Doors

As the largest entry point to your home, the garage door is often the number one spot that outdoor snakes choose to make their way inside. Snakes, as well as other pests, make their way through the gaps that are just big enough to squeeze through. These are usually located around the corners of your garage door. If you bring in a Las Vegas exterminating service company to do some work, then it is essential that they concentrate on this area.

Exterior Siding & Brick Gaps

After a while, home siding tends to become warped. This occurs because of harsh weather and simple wear and tear. When this happens, the siding creates gaps that are easily big enough for snakes to slide through. In terms of brick homes, the brick mortar may not be either present or strong enough. This creates gaps that snakes can then slide through as well.

Potted Plants

Any plant lover can tell you that winter weather and plants are not a good combination. Some homeowners choose to simply cover the plants, while others will actually bring them inside the home. Because your plotted plants have been apart of your garden for a while, they will have attracted various pests. This includes snakes as well, and because they are silent, most won’t even hear them during the plant moving process.