Don’t Let Your Building Go to the Birds

If you own an apartment complex or hotel, you’re no stranger to the perils of pigeons. They’re messy disease-carriers, and they’re so used to human presence that it’s difficult to drive them away. Having them proliferate on your property can make it unappealing, and even unsafe, for paying tenants and guests. While pigeon removal in Las Vegas is very fast and effective, there are ways you can keep the pigeon population down in the meantime.

Keep Your Property Clean

There are many reasons you want your property well kept, and eliminating nesting places and food for pigeons are a few good ones. You’ll maintain your property value by hiring a professional groundskeeper to keep things neat and in good repair. Posting strict regulations about feeding birds and trash disposal on your property will allow visitors and residents to do their part.

Use Pigeon Deterrents

It may seem nearly impossible to keep birds off your property. After all, they’re free to fly and land wherever they want. Making your grounds uninviting is the first step, now you’ll want to make your window ledges and rooftops inhospitable as well. Depending on the local bird population and layout of your building and roof, you have several options.

Bird spikes or strips can be placed on ledges, air conditioner housing, and other places where pigeons like to roost. You can also install mesh screening over vents or other openings that make attractive nesting sites. This will keep the birds out without interfering with the operation of ventilation or exhaust fans.

Call in a Pigeon Expert

If you’re losing the battle of the birds, you can opt for professional pigeon control. Most extermination companies have a lot of experience with local pigeon populations, and they can perform an on-site assessment to determine the extent of your problem. After they’re finished, they can make recommendations to help prevent a bird invasion, and put measures like traps or strips in place to safely remove or deter the birds.