Pigeon Diseases that Affect Humans

Did you know that pigeons remain the top bird pest in most cities in the nation? Las Vegas also has a problem with pigeon control. If you need pigeon removal in Las Vegas, professionals can help you get rid of the pests.

Why Eliminate Pigeons From Your Property?

Pigeons cause buildings and property owners thousands of dollars each year. They leave germ-filled fecal material, nests, and other debris that is unsanitary around your house and business. While you can try to take care of the pigeon problem yourself, pigeon control is a highly technical job that benefits from the use of experts. Removing pigeons can become a dirty, hazardous job that is best left to the pros with the appropriate means to deal with these flying pests.

Pigeon Diseases

Pigeons can spread diseases to both humans and other birds. The majority of these diseases originate from pigeon fecal material. Some of these diseases include:

• Avian flu, which can also be called bird flu.
• Histoplasmosis, which gets into a person’s respiratory system and causes a lung disease that can become fatal in some cases. It comes from a fungus in dry bird droppings.
• Candidiasis, which comes from a fungus or yeast that enters from pigeons and other pest birds. Candidiasis affects the respiratory system, the mouth, the skin, the genitals, and the intestines.
• Cryptococcosis originates in the intestines of infected pigeons. It starts as lung disease and can spread the central nervous system. The fungus can occur at any place where pigeons roost.
• St. Louis encephalitis. This disease inflames the nervous system and causes drowsiness, fever, and headache. Encephalitis can cause death among people over the age of 60. Mosquitoes infect pigeons with the disease.
• Salmonellosis, which can be a form of food poisoning. The dust from pigeon droppings can get into the air and infest food.
• E.coli. Birds spread E. coli through their droppings.
• Ectoparasites, which include bed bugs, chicken mites, yellow mealworms, and West Nile virus.

Leave Pigeon Removal to the Experts

Dealing with pigeons and their droppings can cause serious health problems. You may want to leave pigeon extermination in Las Vegas to the experts to keep your property safe and pigeon free.