How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Animal Wildlife

There are countless joys your pets bring to your life, but there is one thing that they may bring that is not so joyful: animal wildlife and pests. Below, learn how your pets attract wildlife and what to do about it.


One way that your pets may be attracting wildlife into your home is by carrying in pests that hitch a ride on them. Dogs and cats that spend time outside act as hosts for fleas and ticks. Then, once they come back inside, they bring the fleas with them.


Your pets can also attract certain wildlife predators as well. If you have an outdoor cat or an indoor cat who likes to hang out outside, their scent markings could attract wild big cats who feel their territory is being challenged.

Pet Food Temptation

Another way that your pets attract unwanted wildlife to your home actually has nothing to do with them. Pet food, including dry kibble and wet food, is like a magnet for all kinds of pests. If you feed your pet outdoors or they constantly bring bones or snacks outside with them, then the scent of their food can attract a number of different animals, including racoons, opossums, and other creatures of the night who have excellent senses of smell.

Additionally, if you are storing your pet’s food in your garage or an outdoor space, you are actually setting up an invitation for roaches and other pesky insects. These bugs are able to easily access a food source through pet food bags that aren’t sealed completely. Then, it’s only a matter of time before the make their way indoors, and you will need to get help from roach exterminator to help you with the problem.

Keeping Animal Wildlife Away

For the safety of you and your family, as well as your pet’s, you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep dangerous wildlife away from your property. You always want to ensure that your pet has tick and flea treatments that will keep them safe and healthy and will also keep your home clear of pests.

Additionally, make sure you clean up any pet food that is outdoors or make sure you are storing food in tight containers. That way, your pet’s food won’t be attracting any large or small pests.

If you have an outdoor or indoor pest problem that you haven’t been able to remedy on your own, then may be time to call a Las Vegas exterminator in to help.