Subtle Signs of a Pest Infestation

When a person puts a home on the market, he or she will generally highlight the good things about the home and try to downplay its less attractive qualities. Therefore, you may not necessarily find out directly from the seller that the home has a pest problem. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t telltale signs that bugs or rodents run wild on a property.

Do You See a Lot of Sprays or Traps?

If you see a lot of bug spray or mouse traps around the house, it is a sign that the current owner has seen evidence of bugs or rodents in the home. While a single mousetrap or can of bug spray isn’t cause for worry, be ready to ask questions if you see them all over the house. This is especially true if there are multiple bait stations in the basement, kitchen or any other space that you plan to occupy.

Are There Dead Bugs or Rodents Present?

Again, if you see a few dead spiders or a single dead mouse, it may not signify that the house is infested. However, if you see multiple dead rodents or a significant number of dead bugs of the same species, an infestation is likely. You may also notice grease trails, droppings or other physical signs that pests are in the home or have been in the home previously.

How Do You Control Pests?

One option to get a pest problem under control is to call an exterminator in Las Vegas to formulate a plan to stop them from getting in the home. Furthermore, take steps to get rid of excess trash or other food sources that attract them to your property.