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Scorpion Pest Control Options for Your Home

Scorpions are insects that prefer hot and dry climates, which is why they’re so commonly found around Las Vegas. They often hide in places that are far away from humans such as under the large rocks in your yard. As they prefer to live solitary lives, it’s rare to find a large group. They can also live near pools and inside hotels as well as your garage. Looking at the best scorpion pest control options will help you see how to take care of the problem you spot.

Scorpion Infestation Signs

Before you hire a bug exterminator, think about whether you see any signs of a scorpion infestation. A common sign is that you recently noticed a lot of small bugs and insects outside or around your home. Scorpions use those bugs for food and will go wherever there is a large presence. In some cases, you attract those smaller bugs by leaving garbage and old food sitting out along with dishes in your sink. Once the scorpions get inside, it’s harder to get rid of them.

Your chances of having a scorpion infestation are higher if you have citrus trees in your yard or if you provide the insects with ample hiding spots. Citrus trees like lemon and orange trees add a nice touch to your home but also produce a scent that attracts scorpions. When you have a lot of overhangs or trees, you also create the perfect environment that helps scorpions hide from the harsh sun. Your chances of dealing with an infestation also rise if you live in a newer housing development as the construction can displace the insects from their natural hiding spots.

Clear Your Yard to Eliminate Scorpions

One way to get rid of scorpions is with a thorough cleaning of your yard. Make sure that you get rid of any ground cover that creates hiding spots for them. As much as you love plants and shrubs, the vegetation allows water to collect below, which becomes a water source for scorpions. Scorpions also like hiding under the vegetation. Add a minimum of eight inches of solid space below all of your trees, shrubs, and other plants.

Overhanging branches also attract scorpions. If you have any trees in your yard, keep an eye on their branches. Not only can the branches affect nearby power lines and damage your roof, but they also create cool and dark places where scorpions thrive. Hire someone to cut or trim the branches. The pros can also remove any areas of tree bark that are dead or dying. As the bark dies, it creates a natural food source for scorpions. Palm trees are common around Las Vegas, but their fronds can attract scorpions. Get rid of any fronds where you see or suspect scorpions.

Cut Back on Clutter

Cutting back on clutter can also remove scorpions from your home, especially when you work both inside and outside. As you clear your yard, look for any organic materials that scorpions eat. These materials include piles of old leaves and even your compost pile. Scorpions use those materials as their primary food source. If they can’t find food, they’re more likely to leave. Any piles of materials that are outside form a safe habitat for them, too. Get rid of any garbage that is piled up in your yard as well as old tiles, shingles, or other items. Always wear gloves and long sleeves to protect yourself as you may come across some scorpions living in those piles.

You can then focus on clearing up clutter inside your home. Start in the kitchen as any old food that spilled behind your counters or appliances can attract scorpions. Try to take out your trash as often as possible and remove old food every day. Look for any hiding places where scorpions sleep during the day such as piles of books or old clothing, too.

Use Pest Control for Other Insects

If you want to reduce the risk of scorpions getting inside and remove any that you already see, treat your other insect problem first. Small bugs such as flies and bees can attract scorpions looking for a regular food source. Fly strips are easy to use and have a sticky coating on the surface that attracts flies and locks them in place. You can hang them from the ceiling and on door frames as well as on walls.

Some of the other ways you can get rid of the insects that attract scorpions include:

• Seal any entrances that provide access to your home such as doors and windows

• Hire an HVAC team when you see leaks around your AC

• Add screens to any windows that you often keep open

Why Pay for Scorpion Extermination?

Paying for scorpion extermination is the best option if you see multiple scorpions in or around your home. While scorpions usually only sting when they feel threatened, they can attack you, your kids, and even your pets just because they get too close. A pest control Las Vegas crew will find the signs of an infestation and suggest the best remedies to treat the problem. They may start with sticky traps, which are similar to those used for catching mice, roaches, and other pets. Scorpions that walk across the trap become stuck to the sticky surface and cannot move.

It’s often best to use more than one scorpion pest control option though. Pesticides come in both dust and spray formulas. With the dusts and powders, the team applies a small coating to any spots where you or they saw scorpions. Dusts also do a good job of reaching hidden and out of the way spots such as inside outlets and cracks in your walls where the insects can hide. A spray pesticide has a chemical formula designed to kill scorpions on contact. They have a residual effect that can last for six months or longer to keep battling the scorpions.

Protect Your Home from Scorpions

When you suffer a scorpion sting, you might get lucky and have no reaction. Others are not as lucky though. They experience swelling around the spot along with some pain. Left untreated, that sting can even lead to heart failure or respiratory distress. With scorpion pest control, you protect your family from attacks and keep your home safe at the same time. While there are many DIY solutions that work well, don’t rely on those fixes alone. Hire a pest control company in Las Vegas to find all of the scorpions around your house and remove them safely.