Learn the top tips on how to prevent insects from multiplying on your property. You can protect the structure of your home and feel comfortable living in the building with the right steps taken.

How to Reduce the Risk of Insect Infestations

From termites to cockroaches, there are a number of insects that can make their way into the home and begin to multiply. For many people, it can be difficult to feel comfortable residing on the property with creepy crawlers lurking around. To secure your home and reduce the risk of insect infestations, there are a few important tips to take with the help of a professional exterminator in Las Vegas.

Caulk Holes or Cracks

One of the most effective ways of repelling bugs is to caulk holes or cracks that have developed on the siding of the home. Sealing the holes will prevent insects from finding their way into the building and can seal off the interior setting. Remove loose plaster and apply two coats of plaster patching compound to the cracks.

Clean Your Gutters

The rain gutters can often be neglected by homeowners and are a breeding ground for insects if they’re not cleaned out regularly. Termites often feast on the water that accumulates in the gutters and can begin to find their way into the home. Make it a point to clean out the rain gutters every few months and every few weeks during the fall and winter seasons. Installing covers on the gutters can also be used to prevent debris from accumulating in the metal structure.

It’s also important to prevent wood piles from developing in the yard, which can attract vermin throughout the year. If you notice damage to the building, you’ll need to hire extermination services to begin removing the bugs before replacing the materials.

Add Screens

It’s important to remain proactive with reducing the risk of infestations by adding screens on windows and doors. A 20-mesh screen will prove to be effective and can prevent bugs from entering through holes that can develop on old screens. If holes form, you can reseal the material by applying clear nail polish or household cement.