Learn about the ways that pests can inadvertently get into your home during the holiday season and what you can do in order to prevent an unexpected invasion.

Three Pests That Might Visit Your Home During the Holidays

During the holidays, you may open your home up to a variety of guests. From a holiday dinner party to a cookie walk or inviting people over for a gift exchange, both people and packages will be coming into your home at a rapid pace. Along with the people, gifts, and food, you may find that pests have also paid a visit. These tips can help you to avoid a pest invasion. If you do spot signs of an infestation, a local service for pest control in Las Vegas can help you to get rid of the problem.


If you are hosting overnight guests, they might be carrying bedbugs with them. Bedbugs will hide out in suitcases, blankets, towels, inflatable mattresses and other home items. A person can even transport bedbugs on their clothing or bring them in on gifts such as books. Ask your guests to keep their belongings in the guest room, and avoid putting everyone’s coats in a large pile.

Flies and Gnats

Flies and gnats may come into your home on a Christmas tree that is still wet with sap. They may also arrive on foods brought into your home by well-meaning friends. The eggs of these insects are nearly impossible to see, and they may even be present on that lovely fruit basket or potted plant. Be sure to wash any produce right away and closely inspect any live floral arrangements.


Mice are sneaky and can easily squeeze into a wrapped gift or suitcase. If your guests are going in and out frequently, a mouse can even sneak in through a door that has not been closed all the way. Ask your guests to completely shut the door when they go outside. It is also a good idea to keep all food products, including pet food, sealed in tough plastic or glass containers for added protection.