What Can Exterminators Do to Permanently Get Rid of Wasps?

Wasps are one of the more common insects found in and around Las Vegas. You might see potter wasps and other types that can wreak havoc on your home and family. When a wasp stings, it usually causes some pain and swelling that will worsen in the coming hours, especially among those who are allergic to flying insects. Learn more about these bugs and how exterminators can permanently remove the wasps and keep them from coming back.

Signs of Wasps

Before you call a pest control Las Vegas expert, you can look for a few signs of wasps. The biggest sign is that you see more active wasps around your house. They should have yellow and black stripes on their bodies. Wasps are usually more active in the spring and summer, but they can come out anytime in Vegas. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for wasp nests. The nests are usually pale to dark gray in color and quite large. They can also have small holes that allow the wasps to get inside.

If you think that you have wasps in your home, look for any chewed or damaged wood. Wasps use different types of wood as a food source. Adult wasps even use wood as a building material. Though you may not see any wasps or nests inside, you may hear a loud or soft buzzing noise. This is a big sign that there are wasps living inside your walls. Wasps usually follow the same paths when they enter and leave your home, too.

Why Can’t You Get Rid of Wasps Yourself?

There are a few reasons you should hire a Las Vegas exterminating company instead of trying to remove the wasps yourself. DIY remedies almost never work. They have a very low success rate and often require that you spend a lot of money on supplies you don’t have. You risk injuring yourself, too. All it takes is one wasp to send up a red flag for dozens of others to come to its aid and sting you dozens of times. They might result in a trip to the ER.

The biggest reason to go with the pros is that they help you permanently remove wasps. These are one of the many types of bugs that produce a scent trail made of their pheromones when they move. Other wasps will follow this scent trail to reach the nest hidden deep in your walls or other areas of your home. Until you remove that trail, they’ll just keep coming back. Exterminators can remove the nest and get rid of the pheromone trail at the same time that they use other treatments to get rid of the wasps. You can also hire an exterminator capable of handling multiple jobs at the same time like wasp and pigeon removal.

Exterminators Offer Professional Treatments

Wasp and bee exterminators use professional treatments that you usually cannot use. The cheapest treatments are those used in areas that are easy to reach. If you see a wasp nest on the side of your shed or on an old piece of patio furniture, the expert can easily reach it and take care of the problem. The treatments for wasps that are harder to reach are more expensive because they require more work. They may need to get inside your walls or climb on your roof to take care of nests in your gutters.

The pest control Las Vegas professionals you hire may offer both aerosol and dust treatments. An aerosol is a type of spray that works quickly and effectively. The expert can spray the product from a distance of up to 20 feet away and wipe out dozens of wasps at the same time. It also works well on nests you cannot see or reach on your own. If you hear buzzing and think there are wasps in your walls, the exterminator can make a small hole and spray the product inside. You will need to keep your kids and pets outside for a few hours after the treatment though. Searching for exterminators who offer pigeon removal near me lets you find a professional who can take care of all your pest problems with these treatments.

Insecticide dust is another popular treatment for Vegas homes. While it takes more time to apply than an aerosol, it lasts longer. With proper usage, the dust will keep the wasps from returning for up to six months. Exterminators usually apply a light dusting of the product around the areas where you noticed wasps in recent months. They can also use it in areas where they saw signs of an infestation. There are also residual insecticides that come in a liquid form, which is easier to apply. This liquid also repels wasps for six months.

What Else Can the Pros Do?

Hiring the right bee exterminators is the best way to get to the root of your flying insect problem. An inspection is the first step in finding the wasps. The inspection also lets the pros see what type of wasps are around your home and the severity of the problem. Las Vegas is home to a range of wasps like yellow jackets, mud daubers, and paper wasps. They can build nests on old furniture, under your eaves, inside your chimney, around your roof and gutters, and inside your walls. A professional inspection can often reveal nests you never knew existed inside places you never thought to check.

Not only does the pest control team have access to insecticides and tools that you do not, but they use products that work much faster. You’ll usually see dead wasps right after the treatment and in the future as it continues to work. They can eliminate the scent trail that allows other wasps to find their way back to the nest and get rid of the old nests. If there are wasps hiding inside cracks in your foundation or other small areas, they can even treat the spot and then use a vacuum to clear away the dead bugs.

Treat Your Wasp Problem Today

Don’t assume that you can put off treating your wasp problem. You might even think that as long as you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. Wasps often attack when they think something is a threat to their nest. Even your kids playing too close can cause the wasps to sting as a pack to protect the nest. Las Vegas exterminating experts can take care of the problem faster than you expect. Find exterminators in the Vegas area who offer the treatments needed to permanently remove wasps from your home and stop them from coming back.