When the weather gets cooler and drier, uninvited guests such as mice may make their way into your home. These tips can help you to prevent them from getting inside and will show you what to do in case one of the critters does get into your home.

Stop Mice From Invading Your Home This Winter

During the winter, the weather gets cooler and outdoor sources of food for rodents are scarce. This causes pests such as mice and rats to make their way into homes and other buildings. These tips can help you to keep the mice away from your house. If one does get in, your exterminator in Las Vegas can help you to get rid of it.

Fill Gaps and Cracks

A mouse can squeeze through an opening the diameter of a nickel. Walk around your home, inside and out, and look for small gaps and cracks. Use the appropriate type of caulk or mastic and fill up the gaps and cracks. Doing this will also help to stop other pests from getting into your house this winter.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Mice are fearful of people and will spend their time hiding, only coming out for a few hours per night to search for food. Eliminate places where mice can hide, such as piles of rags or linens. Toss out clutter such as old boards, books, and packaging. Mice will chew through any type of cloth, fabric, paper or foam in order to build a nest. If you need to store any of these items, put them into a latching plastic container.

Remove Food Sources

Mice will nibble on all sorts of plants, foods, and other materials. If you have a family pet, only put out their bowl at meal time and then empty it of food. Mice will eat dog, cat and bird food. Keep any bulk bags of pet food sealed inside of plastic containers. In your pantry, keep all food in sealed glass or plastic containers. Clean up any spills quickly. A mouse can feed off of the smallest crumbs of food on the floor or on counter tops.