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Learn about what you can do in order to prevent honeybees from building a hive that is close to your home, garage or shed. If you do discover a hive, consider one of the safe ways to remove it without killing the honeybees.

Three Ways to Safely Remove Honey Bees from Your Home

Honeybees are one of the most beneficial species of insects that frequently visit back yards. The bees are attracted to the flowering trees, shrubs, grasses and perennial and annual flowers around homes, parks and other areas. However, if someone in your home is allergic to bee stings, you will need to take action to prevent bees from visiting your yard. These actions will help to keep the bees away from your home without actually harming the bees. If you do discover a beehive on your property, it is best to call professionals for pest control in Las Vegas, who can remove the hive and give it to a beekeeper for safe relocation of the colony.

Hang a Bag

Honeybees are territorial. If they see another beehive, they will avoid the area. You can confuse the honeybees by hanging a brown paper bag. The paper bag resembles a beehive closely enough that the bees should avoid your home. Hang the bag in a place that is covered so that it won’t get wet.


If you notice that honeybees tend to congregate near a certain area of your yard, use a 1:10 white vinegar to water solution. Add the solution to a spray bottle and spray your plants every other day. The smell deters the honeybees and makes your property unattractive to their efforts of visiting flowers.


Mothballs release volatile organic compounds that are unhealthy for people to breathe, but they will not cause this problem outdoors. Place mothballs in your planters and around your flowerbeds where you see the bees visiting. The mothballs will not harm your plants, but the odors will repel the bees and keep them from getting too close to your home.

Bee Pest Control

Bee removal can be very difficult on your own. There are two main types of bees that Las Vegas residents need to concern themselves with: honeybees and carpenter bees. While honeybees typically will not damage your property, carpenter bees will drill holes into your home’s wood. This is especially true if you have any eucalyptus, cedar, oak or redwood in your home. Even if you don’t have any of these woods, carpenter bees have also been known to build nests, which brings up the concern of possibly getting stung. Contact Buddies Exterminating today for the best pest control in Henderson and five-star customer service.

Updated 4/5/21