Many critters and insects are prone to finding their way into residential properties each season. Birds are one of the main culprits, but there are some effective methods for keeping them away from your house to avoid damage.

How to Discourage Birds From Roosting on Your Property

While birds can be pleasing to hear and look at, they can also wreak a lot of havoc on your home and yard. Below are some simple, effective ways to stop them from hanging around.

Use Sound As a Weapon

Birds are extremely sensitive to sound and will stay away from areas that are overly noisy. Use natural sounds that mimic predators in the yard to repel birds. Recording the noises of larger birds and playing them in the yard throughout the day will make them fly away once they feel threatened.

Hire a Professional Exterminator

Although exterminators are commonly used to protect the home from insects and critters, they can also keep birds away throughout the year. You can hire a company to provide pigeon extermination in Las Vegas to have the birds trapped and use control techniques to keep them away long-term. Relying on professional extermination services can protect the residential property from damage and will make it easy to reclaim your home.

Rely on Reflective Materials

Consider using reflective materials in different areas of the yard to affect the vision of birds that fly close to the home. Rely on pieces of foil, old CDs, and spheres, which will reflect the sun and will flash in the eyes of birds. The items can be hung off of patio covers or trees with twine at different levels every five to six feet, depending on the amount of space that needs to be protected. A bit of wind and sunshine will make the products have enough visual deterrence to keep the birds away.

Put a Bad Taste in Their Mouths

Upsetting the taste of birds is a proven way of keeping them out of your garden and yard when they’re looking to eat. Spray a solution of methyl anthranilate solution on your plants, which is safe to use on the environment. Methyl anthranilate solution is used for flavoring but tastes foul on plants for birds who are looking for a meal. Birds will quickly learn that there’s nothing that they enjoy in your yard and will move on to other homes in the neighborhood.