Three Types of Pests That Are Known to Invade Chimneys

Pests will try to get into any part of your home. They seek shelter, food and moisture in the structure. Most pests tend to gravitate toward places that are easy to get into, including cracks, gaps and other openings. A chimney’s top makes it easy for small critters to get inside. If you see any of these three types of pests, be sure to arrange for prompt¬†pest control in Las Vegas.


During the late winter and early spring, birds may try to build a nest in your chimney. While birds themselves are not destructive, their droppings can be. Their acidic droppings could damage the liner, metal fittings and mortar of your chimney and its cap. Their nesting material is combustible.


Rodents could also get into your chimney. Mice and rats are excellent at climbing. They can easily run up the exterior wall of your house and squeeze through the openings in the chimney’s cap. They could also jump off of the branches of any nearby trees, gain access to your roof and move into the chimney. Mice and rats are also known to build nests in gutters and cornices around attics and decorative stones or gables on houses. Rodents typically only try to come indoors during the winter, but they may attempt to build a nest in chimneys.


Many types of insects can get into your home’s chimney. Termites may get inside, especially if your home has a wood frame. Bees may also enter your chimney. They may come in a few at a time when searching for a new place to build a hive. They may decide to build a hive there, which could result in thousands of bees. Wasps may also try to build a nest in the chimney.