bee exterminatorsHow to Find Bee Infestations Before Bee Exterminators Arrive

Bees are small flying insects that usually have black and yellow bands around their midsections. Most types collect pollen and bring it back to their hives where they turn it into honey that feeds the workers and the queen. You might notice a few bees flying around your head when you work outside, but these insects can also live in your walls and closets. Check out some signs of a bee infestation that let you know it’s time to look for bee exterminators.

Check the Walls

Before you call a pest exterminator, check your walls for bees. Though it may sound hard to believe, there are many cases of people finding large amounts of bees living inside their walls. The insects can even create a full hive in an interior wall. They just need a small opening outside that helps them get inside. If you have bees inside your walls, you should hear a loud buzzing sound coming from the space. You may also notice a few bees outside that follow the same path back inside.

Look to the Ceiling

Bees can also build hives in your ceiling. The best way to look for the bugs is to check your ceiling. If you see spots or patches that are darker than the other nearby areas, it may indicate the presence of bees. Those spots develop when the bees live in the ceiling and begin making money. As the honey builds up, it puts stress on the ceiling and changes its color. Depending on the size of your infestation, you may see one or more dark patches that show the bees have several spots where they store honey.

Follow the Path

You may not know that bees are creatures of habit. The worker bees that go out into the world follow the same path to get back to their hives. An easy way to inspect your home for bees before you call a pest control Las Vegas company is when you spot and follow this path. Spend some time outside to see where bees gather. When you notice them moving, try tracking them. Though the bees may act out when you get too close to the hive, they likely won’t notice you. This helps you see the location of the hive and find out how close it is to your home.

Monitor Their Activity

You probably expect to see a few bees outside, especially when the weather is nice. Bees are common in Las Vegas because the climate is perfect for them. If you think you have a bee problem and plan to contact an exterminator, monitor the activity of the bees. It’s often helpful to jot down notes about when you see more bees. Make sure you note both where you saw them and what they did. When you see more bees that are more active, it’s often a sign of an infestation.

Keep an Eye Out for Sawdust

Though they aren’t as common in Las Vegas as they are in other areas, carpenter bees can wreak havoc on your home. Carpenter bees are different from other types of bees because they use wood to build their homes. If you have a hollow core door anywhere around your home, the bees can get inside and turn the door into a large nest or hive. A big sign that you have a carpenter bee problem is when you see sawdust in places where you should not see it. This can also indicate the presence of other pests, which will require a call to a rat exterminator Las Vegas company.

Examine the Walls

Before you call in the pros, take some time to examine your walls. You want to keep your eyes peeled for any openings that allow access to the interior. Bees can come in through tiny gaps in your vinyl siding and through holes in brick or wood walls. Carpenter bees usually make holes that are almost perfectly round, which they use to move through the wood. You may find it helpful to get closer to the wood and look for holes that go against the natural grain pattern.

Find Beehives

Even if you don’t have bees living inside your walls, you may have one or more hives outside. Take the time to look for beehives in and around your home. Don’t assume that you’ll find them in big trees either. Bees build hives in places they deem as safe. This can include your garage and the playhouse your kids stopped using. You may even find hives in wood piles or old cars. Keep in mind that bees can build temporary hives. They live there for up to three days while workers scout the right spot for their permanent hive. This means that you might find one today that the bees no longer use by the time the exterminator comes out.

Types of Vegas Bees

Learning about the types of bees found in Vegas can help you work with a pest exterminator to get to the root of your problem. Carpenter bees are yellow and black flying insects. If you can get close to them, you’ll notice that they have smooth and shiny stomachs. These bees usually live on their own and can cause a lot of damage to your home. Honey bees can be yellow or black but also come in shades of brown and orange. They usually only attack humans if they feel scared. The biggest problem with honey bees is that they can grow large enough that the hives separate and build other hives around your property.

Las Vegas is also home to bumble bees, which are yellow and black. They have hair on their stomachs and tend to build nests below ground. You might find them living in gopher holes or spots where a scorpion extermination pro found stinging bugs in the past. Bumble bees can attack your pets if the animals get too close to their homes. It’s possible to find wasps and other insects around your home too. Wasps are so aggressive that they can take over your entire yard. With wasp and bee exterminators, you don’t need to worry about keeping your family safe.

Say Goodbye to Bees With Help From Professional Bee Exterminators

As much as you love eating honey, you don’t want to see it dripping from your ceiling or outlets. At the first sign of a bee infestation, call bee exterminators for help. Before speaking to an extermination pro, check out some of the signs that you have bees like dark spots on your ceiling, buzzing sounds inside your walls, and beehives outside.