How to Tell If Birds Mean Harm to Your Home

One of the joys of owning a home is watching the birds fly from tree to tree or listening to their songs. However, there is a chance that a bird could get into your home and build its nest. How do you know if birds are in your home, and how do you know that they pose a danger to your property?

You See a Nest on the Roof or in the Garage

The first sign of a possible bird infestation is the presence of a nest near an entrance point to your home. In many cases, birds will build nests on rooftops or in a garage. If you see one in these or other access points to your home, it may be a good idea to call a bird or pigeon extermination in Las Vegas professional.

You See a Lot of Birds on Your Property

There are many reasons why there could be more birds than usual on your property. For instance, they could have found a source of food or want to roost on the new tree that you just put in the yard. However, if you see them roosting on the roof or flying around the house, it is likely that they have a nest or some other presence nearby.

Common Reasons Birds May Flock to Your Property

Birds may be attracted to tall grass that can be used for a nest or to food scraps that were left behind after a family picnic outside. They may also have found that there is a hole in the roof that they can use to get in and out of your home quickly and easily. In addition to preventing a bird infestation, maintaining your home can help it keep you safe and comfortable for many years to come.