Unique Challenges for Pigeon Control in Las Vegas


Extremely Large Colonies of Birds

One of the challenges that is unique to a pigeon infestation is the extremely large colony of birds that can build up over time. A small pigeon problem can become a wide-scale infestation if you don’t deal with it quickly enough. Contacting a professional exterminator for your pigeon removal in Las Vegas is advisable to ensure that the infestation will not get out of control. Very large pigeon infestations can result in an accumulation of waster, which can spread disease. Also, it is quite unsightly for your house or your place of business when you have a flock of squawking pigeons outside.

The Potential of Serious Disease

Pigeons may seem harmless, but they can spread serious diseases like psittacosis and paratyphoid fever. The most common diseases from pigeons can cause severe illness and even death. Many people don’t realize it, but pigeon control is actually just as vital, if not more so, as controlling populations of rodents. While even a single pigeon could spread disease, a large colony, which will inevitably produce a great deal of waste, is the most viral. While you’re welcome to try and deal with the problem yourself, it’s always advisable to get professional help.

Dealing with Pigeon Waste

In Las Vegas, pigeons are a serious problem chiefly because of their droppings. Pigeon waste is the vector for the diseases mentioned above. One of the most important parts of a pigeon control job is cleaning up the waste. The waste tends to build up very quickly, especially in the case of a severe infestation. Usually, the extermination professionals will first focus on eradicating the colony of pigeons. Only after the pigeons have been eliminated will the cleanup start. Properly cleaning up pigeon waste often involves the use of pressure washers and specially created cleaning chemicals, which ensures that the area is hygienic again.