Three Life Changes that Require Pest Inspections

During major life events, you have a million things on your mind. Unfortunately, pests don’t care what you’re going through. While you’re busy dealing with a new home or a new baby, roaches, mice or even scorpions could be in your walls or in your carpet.

Don’t let pests ruin what should be a great time in your life. Let an exterminator handle the hard work and take away your worries during these three major life changes.

Moving House or Getting New Neighbors

When you move into a new house or apartment, don’t trust the previous owners to be honest about pest infestations. They might be lying in order make the sale, or they might not even realize that their building suffers from pests. Always make sure to hire a professional exterminator to check your home for bugs.

Surprisingly, you should also hire an exterminator when your neighbors move. If your neighbors were harboring a secret infestation, those pests could pack up and move next door once their food source is gone. The same rule applies if your neighbors fumigate or have a fire. Fleeing bugs may take refuge in your home, instead.

Having a Baby

The biggest life change you could possibly go through is adding a new member to your family. After spending hours baby-proofing a home, new parents will also want to make sure there aren’t any bugs that could hurt their child.

Since babies spend lots of time on the floor and put everything in their mouths, it’s important to make sure they won’t come in contact with anything too nasty. Rodent droppings or spiders could harm an infant, for example. Scorpions are a special worry that exterminators in Las Vegas are equipped to handle. Having an exterminator take an extra look around will leave new parents with one less concern on their minds.

Renovating and Redecorating Your Home

Renovations are a stressful time, and adding pests into the mix can make them a disaster. Doors and windows are often open or removed during renovations, and that’s when bugs and other pests find their way inside. Before you start kicking up dust, ask an exterminator about pest prevention.

Adding new carpet and furniture are also ways pests can get inside. Used furniture, in particular, can carry nasty bugs like roaches and fleas. If you’re redecorating with secondhand goods from a thrift or antique store, always make sure to call an exterminator to double check your purchases.