The Best Woods for Preventing Pests

You need to use pigeon deterrents when you notice pigeons love to roam around your property. You can request a company to provide pigeon removal in Las Vegas, and you should ask the exterminator what they would do in your situation. Certain woods can keep pigeons away, and you can make some lovely additions to your property.

Can You Use Both Pest and Pigeon Deterrents?

You can use items to repel pigeons, like feeders that leave a bad taste in their mouths, and you can put spikes on cables or roof lines. Plus, you can plant cedar, redwood, and teak trees that will deter insects. When you hang feeders that taste bad from these trees, the pigeons are more likely to fly away.

Can You Have Pigeons Removed?


If you want to avoid a flock of pigeons from coming to your property, you can request simple pigeon removal before more arrive. Because pigeons tend to fly in large flocks, the pigeons will be removed to a safe location. The pigeons will congregate in a natural area, and they will congregate in that area in the future. You are teaching the pigeons to go somewhere else, and you can hang deterrents around the property that will keep stray pigeons away.

When Should You Contact an Exterminator?


You should use pigeon and pest deterrents throughout the year. However, you need to call for help the moment you realize there is an issue. You do not want to give the pigeons time to make a home on your property. If they have more time to create nests and breed, it will be more difficult for you to remove them in the future. You can consult with an exterminator today, and you can create a pigeon deterrent scheme for the house. If you already have pigeons on your property, you can ask for removal services that prevent flocks from returning.