How to Stay Safe Around Canada Geese

Canada geese are large birds that may migrate with the seasons. They like to find a place with plenty of grass to eat and water for swimming. If your golf course, office park or other location has a problem with Canada geese, it is a good idea to contact pest control in Las Vegas for assistance. These birds can be aggressive, especially when their goslings are nearby. Here are some tips to avoid an aggressive goose so that you can contact a pest control service for help.

Maintain Eye Contact

If a Canada goose starts to walk toward you and bob its head at you, this is a first indication that it is preparing to attack. Maintain eye contact with the bird, but back away from it or move away to the side. Give the bird a wide berth as you move away. Walk away from it slowly.

Back Out of the Way

If the Canada goose starts to hiss at you, walk backwards away from the bird. Do not make any sudden movements. Avoid swinging at the bird. If it raises its wings at you, back away faster. Do not make any unusual sounds at the goose.

If You Get Hurt

If you get hurt by a Canada goose, seek prompt medical attention. While you wait for the pest control service to arrive at your property, keep guests away from the aggressive geese. Post warning signs about the presence of an aggressive goose. If the geese are nesting or have goslings, be prepared for them to remain on your property for several months. This is because the adults molt while nesting, and they are unable to fly for three to four months while their new flight feathers grow in and their goslings grow flight feathers.