Pigeons have acclimated to living in close proximity to people, and they tend to congregate around tall buildings. Pigeon control experts can help you to keep pigeons off your property without having to use any poisons or shooting that could kill the birds.

Three Natural Ways Pest Control Experts Get Rid of Pigeons

Pigeons are synonymous with life in the city. They flock and tend to leave behind a big mess wherever they have roosted for the night. Plastic spikes are not always effective, and poisons can harm other animals. If pigeon waste is causing a problem on your property, you can contact a local expert in pigeon control in Las Vegas and arrange for one of these natural methods of pigeon control.


In some places, pigeon control experts may be able to set off fireworks to scare pigeons away from your property. The fireworks make a lot of noise that frightens the pigeons. The smoke from fireworks also inspires them to stay away from your property. If fireworks are not permitted, the pest control service may be able to play loud recorded sounds of fireworks that will have a similar effect on the problem birds.


Dogs are a natural choice for getting rid of pigeons that are congregating on patios, parking lots, and other ground-level surfaces. Dogs can also help to chase pigeons out of a parking garage. The dogs will run and bark at the pigeons, which scares the birds and teaches them to not return to the place where the dogs were. The dogs should be brought in once or twice per day and at different times of the day so the pigeons cannot predict when the ruckus will take place.

Predator Sounds

If the sound of fireworks would scare the family pets or put people into a panic, pest control experts can play sounds of predators. Hawks and falcons are predators of pigeons. These sounds could be played at the times of the day when pigeons typically try to roost and spend the night. The sounds of predators will frighten them and make them want to avoid the area.