How Flocks of Pigeons Can Damage Property

If you just moved to the city, you might wonder why you continually see ads for pigeon removal in Las Vegas. On the east coast, people raise pigeons as pets, usually in cages on rooftops. They are prepared for the mess pigeons cause.

In Nevada, the situation differs greatly. Pigeons flock to homes here in search of food and a good nesting place. If you moved here from somewhere that they were common, you were probably curious why they get so much attention here.

Damage Caused

Whether pigeons roost on your roof or eaves, in the trees around your home or on nearby power lines, their leavings or pigeon poop stains your car, patio, sidewalk and collects on your roof. Instead of having to power-wash on a daily basis, get rid of the birds.

Pigeon nests also cause problems since they commonly build them in rooftop air conditioning units or in the gutters surrounding the home. In the air conditioning units, they cause issues with ventilation and can introduce contaminants into the home that can cause health problems. In the gutters, they block the outflow of water and that can cause damage to the whole home when water pools on the roof and creates sags and leaks.

Control or Removal

If you move to a location with a pigeon problem, the first step is removal of the existing birds. Although exterminators normally kill pests, in the case of pigeons, we simply trap and remove them. Removal only begins the process.

Control methods include adding screens and netting to the property and spikes to your perimeter fence to discourage birds from flocking back to the property. These methods in no way hurt the birds. They simply keep them from flying onto your property.

You can eliminate the problems pigeon flocks cause at your home. Control and removal will stop pests humanely.