This article explains why fire ants are so dangerous. Readers will learn the importance of keeping these menacing insects away from their home.

Small Insects That Pack a Powerful Punch: Fire Ants

Many insects roam throughout the Las Vegas area. Although spiders and roaches are known to cause a great deal of concern, fire ants can be just as terrifying. Here are some of the potential problems that can be caused by these tiny pests.

Painful Stings

Fire ants should not be taken lightly. A single fire ant can inflict a great deal of pain. It is common to see welts and lesions along the skin. Even worse, their toxic sting can trigger an infection or an allergic reaction. The venom can affect each person differently. Depending upon the seriousness of the symptoms, the person may be forced to seek emergency help.

They Can Attack as a Swarm

Like an angry swarm of bees, fire ants can attack as a single unit. Within a few seconds, dozens of fire ants can begin to assault their victim. A playing child or curious pet can easily upset a fire ant mound. According to an experienced exterminator in Las Vegas, the best preventative measure is to routinely spray an eco-friendly repellent around the yard.

Fire Ants Can Be Very Aggressive

Although regular ants have the ability to bite, they typically lack the ability to sting. Fire ants are also far more aggressive. The bad news is that fire ants have a striking resemblance to regular ants. An unknowing person can easily confuse a fire ant with a carpenter ant, which is not nearly as lethal.