How Exterminator Companies Deal with Scorpion Infestations in Las Vegas

Most people fear scorpions for the fright and terror they cause. A slight view of them is enough to cause fear and invoke panic in many. Scorpion infestation is common in Las Vegas, and many people living in this area fear coming across scorpions in their homes. However, it is challenging to control scorpion infestation, and if you want to protect your family members against these pests, you must hire seasoned scorpion exterminator companies to help you.

How Do Scorpions Access Homes?

Knowing that your home has scorpions can be scary and baffling. However, most Los Angles people associate these pests with homes on the desert side and new construction. But what they don’t know is that scorpion infestation can become a deadly issue in any part of Las Vegas.

When inspecting your home for scorpion infestation, you should check around HVAC systems, vents. Doors, windows, and plumbing. Other places to review include un-meshed crawlspace vents, cracks between stucco and siding, and the areas between your foundation and stucco and siding. Close all cracks, gaps in stucco and siding, cracks, and repair crawlspace vents and screens of windows, to control scorpion infestation in your home.

It is a scorpion’s nature to hide in hidden places; thus, it is easy for one to unintentionally bring a few or one into their home without knowing. When you purchase something, do a thorough inspection to ensure that you do not bring any pests to your home. You should check the following items before getting into your house: patio furniture, Christmas decorations, blankets, pet bedding, towels, kids’ toy, and camping gear.

If you relocated to a new home recently, there are possibilities that scorpions had taken residence before you. What makes it challenging to eliminate these pests is the fact that they can hide anywhere. If you are relocating to a new place, contact the landlord to inform you about scorpion infestation in the area.

The Effects of Scorpion Stings

Scorpions are members of the arachnid family. The United States has three types of scorpions, all located in the southwestern states where the environment is hot and dry almost annually. The stripe-tailed scorpion causes the least threat, while the Arizona scorpion and bark scorpion can cause mild to severe injuries when they sting.

The Bark Scorpion Sting

Also known as the Arizona bark scorpion, it is 3 inches long and has a light brown appearance. You can find these creatures in some parts of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. They are aggressive when distracted, and their sting can cause a painful reaction that can last up to three days. The sting can also cause numbness in the affected area and even lead to death if the person is very young, old, or allergic to its venom.

The Desert Hairy Scorpion Sting

Also known as Arizona hairy scorpions, they are the most extensive scorpions with a length ranging from 5 to 7 inches. They have a brown and yellow body appearance, and you can find them burrowing under the rocks of Mojave and Sonora deserts. The hairy desert scorpion is aggressive when disturbed and can result in a mild to a painful reaction.

What to Do When You Are Stung by a Scorpion

If a scorpion stings an older person or a child, you should seek medical care immediately. Scorpion sting can increase your heartbeat and blood pressure, which can expose you to health risks. However, if you are an adult and healthy, you can treat the affected area by cleaning the affected area with soapy and warm water and then applying ice to numb the pain and take a pain reliever.

If an Arizona Bark Scorpion stings you, it can result in different reactions and symptoms. These may include vomiting and nausea, stomach upset, dizziness, and headache. However, you will go through the above symptoms for two to three days until they elapse. But if they get worse, or remain, seek medical care immediately.

Hiring Las Vegas Exterminator Companies

Naturally, scorpions access homes to escape the heat of the scorching desert sun. So as you can prevent the entry of scorpions into your home, it would be best to seal cracks in foundations and walls. It would help if you cleaned your house regularly to stop incidental insects such as ants, which tend to be scorpion’s food. However, you should always remove boxes and other items that can act as hiding areas for these pests.

You should never panic when you see one or two scorpions in your home if you live in a scorpion infested area. You can prevent individual scorpions from accessing your home by sealing the entry points and ensuring items such as clothing and boxes are scorpion-free before accessing your home. If you see multiple scorpions, there is a possibility that your home has scorpions; hence, it can be in your best interests if you contact an exterminator to help solve the issue.

Treating Scorpion Infestation

Most people in Las Vegas prefer using vacuums to draw out scorpions in their homes. And although this might be effective in eliminating one scorpion, it might not effectively eliminate a colony. If you want to eradicate a colony of scorpions effectively, leave the work to professional exterminators.

Experienced exterminators can help eliminate scorpions that are around and in your home. Besides that, they can also help eliminate other significant issues that may affect your house and play a significant role in enhancing scorpion infestation. Contact an experienced pest control company today to help you solve your scorpion infestation problem.