How Do Cockroaches Get in Your Home?

Dealing with a cockroach problem is a frustrating and trying process. It often seems that regardless of your best efforts, they still manage to find their way into your space. Luckily, there are a few common areas where cockroaches are most likely to be found. By eliminating or sealing off these access points, you can get rid of the cockroaches plaguing your home.

Cockroaches Enter Through the Garage Door

The most common means of entry for a cockroach is often the garage door. Garage doors tend to be poorly sealed compared to other areas of the house, and even a small opening at the bottom can be sufficient for a large number of cockroaches to march in. The best solution to this issue is to install a rubber skirt around the bottom edge of your garage door, which seals the opening and blocks the pest’s access to your home.

Through Cracks in the Foundation

Other common means of entry for cockroaches are cracks in your foundation. A cockroach can fit through a shockingly small opening. Thus, even seemingly minute cracks around the base of your home can be a welcome entry point for bugs. Numerous products on the market solve this issue, and the right one will depend on the construction of your home. If your foundation has numerous cracks that need to be sealed, your best option is to contact an expert in bug or pigeon extermination in Las Vegas Their expertise will go a long way towards locating the right solution to seal cracks.

Through Open Windows and Doors

Lastly, many roaches enter homes by simply going through open windows and doors. While having your windows open can be a lovely way to cool off your home, it can also be a welcome sign for bugs to enter. Thus, if you have experienced a significant increase in roaches in your home, consider keeping the windows and doors closed more often.