Learn about the places in a house where cockroaches will hide. Identifying these hiding places helps to eliminate an infestation of these pests.

The Top Three Places Where Roaches Hide in a House

Finding one roach in your Las Vegas home can be an unpleasant experience. If you find bunches of roaches, this is a sign that you need professional services for cockroach extermination in Las Vegas. Cockroaches are known to trigger allergy and asthma symptoms in sensitive individuals. These pests can also carry disease and contaminate food. Prompt extermination of cockroaches can help to keep you and your family healthy and safe.

Pipe and Vent Openings

A full-grown cockroach only needs a few millimeters of space to access a home. They commonly make their way inside through gaps and crevices around pipe and vent openings. The openings around an intake or exhaust vent, attic fan or plumbing outlet provide both the moisture and the space that roaches need. Exterminators can seal these gaps so that pests cannot gain access to your home.

Door and Window Frames

A small gap in a door or window frame provides enough room for cockroaches to get inside of a house. Worn weather-stripping, missing caulk or poorly fitted frames are easy access points for these pests. Regular home maintenance, replacing weather-stripping and reapplying caulk can all make it harder for cockroaches to enter a home.


Pests such as cockroaches can also get into your home through secondhand goods. The most common used item that pests hide in is furniture. If you buy a used bookshelf, chest of drawers or upholstered chair, have it thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before bringing it into your living space. Cockroach eggs, larvae and adults can all hide in the crevices of any type of furniture. Try to sequester your secondhand finds for at least two weeks before bringing them into your home. If you can leave the items outside in the hot Las Vegas sun, the heat may be enough to inactivate the eggs or even kill the adults. Be sure to buy used furniture from reliable sellers and do a thorough inspection before buying.