How Does Stucco Damage Factor Into Pest Infestations?

Stucco damage can cause problems around your home that you can barely see. If you see any cracks, you must work to get the damage repaired and remove any pests. Pigeon extermination in Las Vegas is needed when you must remove all the pigeons from your property quickly. You may need pest extermination services when they can crawl into your stucco. Plus, pigeons could dig in the stucco to make space for nests or to create footholds.

How Do Pests Benefit From Stucco Damage?

Pests can crawl under the cracks in your stucco if they are very small. Pigeons will peck at the stucco because it is appealing, and mice could bite the stucco because it helps them sharpen their teeth. The infestation could get into the house quickly because the pest can get behind the walls.

How Do You Correct These Infestations

When you need to correct these infestations, you must contact an exterminator to handle any stucco infestation or pigeon infestation. You should ask the exterminator to remove the pests as quickly as possible, and you could ask questions about replacing/repairing the stucco. You can have the pigeons removed and transferred to another location. The pigeons will stop pecking, and you can even hang deterrents around the property. Once insect colonies have been killed off, you can have the stucco repaired so that there is no sign of previous damage.

How Long Should Stucco Last?

When you repair your stucco, it will last for several decades if it has been maintained. You must work with a professional who can check the stucco for you, and you should alert your exterminator any time you have cracks. You can start the removal process if you have a pigeon infestation, or you can repair the stucco damage after insect colonies have been killed off.