Bedbugs can go for a year without feeding and are difficult to get rid of once they have infested a home. Discover three surprising ways in which bedbugs may have crept into your house.

Three Sneaky Ways Bedbugs Can Get Into Your House

Bedbugs have become widespread in certain geographic areas. They are especially common in places that receive frequent visitors, such as hotels, hostels and overnight campgrounds. Bedbugs are a challenge to get rid of, and if you find them, it is best to contact an exterminator in Las Vegas for professional assessment and services. Keep in mind these three sneaky ways that bedbugs could be getting into your house.


Perhaps you just cleaned out your parents’ home. Bedbugs can hide in stacks of papers, including vintage documents, newspapers and magazines. These pests are also known to hide within books. They can sneak into the bindings, dust jackets and between the pages of books that you purchase at a used bookstore or that you borrow from the library.


If you enjoy shopping for antiques or picking up unique pieces of used furniture at garage sales and estate sales, beware of the potential for bedbugs. These pests can hide anywhere in a piece of used furniture. They find cover in the joints of wood and in the crevices of upholstered furniture. The bedbugs do not have a preference for material. They will hide in any type of wood, leather, fabric, metal, wicker or plastic.

Purses, Luggage and Bags

If you visit a house where bedbugs live, you could bring them home in your purse, bag or luggage. These insects crawl quickly and take cover in any dark space. If there is even a remote chance that a house or hotel could be infested with bedbugs, avoid putting your purse, luggage or shopping bag on the floor or any upholstered surface. Keep your purse, shopping bag or suitcase zipped closed. Place it on a suitcase stand or on the smooth and clean surface of a counter top.