Scorpions are at home in the desert, but you certainly don’t want them taking up residence in your house. Learn about the techniques that a pest control company can employ in order to eliminate a scorpion infestation on your property.

Three Methods of Safe Scorpion Elimination for Your Home

Having an appreciation for the animals of the desert means that you enjoy seeing critters such as scorpions outside, away from your house. When you discover that one or more scorpions are trying to live in your home, it is important to your health and safety to eliminate the infestation as quickly as possible. An experienced service for scorpion extermination in Las Vegas may employ one or more of these techniques to safely get rid of the scorpions.

Sealing Entry Points

Before the current infestation is eliminated, you have to prevent any new scorpions from getting into your house. This is done by sealing up all entry points. You may need to install weather-stripping on your doors and windows and caulk around window and door frames. Plumbing and wiring connections may also need to be sealed so that scorpions do not crawl in through them.

Eliminating Hiding Places

When a scorpion does get inside of your house, it will usually find a hiding place to spend the daytime hours. The pest control company will show you the most common hiding spaces, such as inside of infrequently worn shoes and underneath beds and cabinets. Blocking off access to these hiding places will make your home unattractive to scorpions.


Elimination of a current scorpion infestation usually requires the use of poisons. The poisons that are used in and around your home are regarded as safe for people. If you have a pet dog or cat, you should try to keep them away from the baits and sprayed areas. There are different classes of scorpion poisons, and each type works differently to eliminate the infestation. Scorpions can also be harmful or even deadly to your pets, so it is important to get rid of the scorpions before your furry friend gets harmed.