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Crickets: When You Need Pest Control in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its dry, hot summer nights set to the song of crickets chirping in the distance. Some years, however, crickets are simply everywhere. This is one of those years. Cricket outbreaks are apt to occur in late summer and early fall when mating is most prevalent. Field crickets especially love the warm, dry Las Vegas evenings.  Just before summer temperatures start dropping to make way for the fall, adult crickets are especially abundant.

The Fall Is Cricket Mating Season

The swelling chorus of crickets that you’ve undoubtedly noticed in the past couple of weeks is the signal that mating season has begun. Field crickets lay their eggs in the fall, choosing bare, firm soil as their nesting ground. Female crickets lay anywhere from 150 to 400 eggs at one time. The eggs lie dormant through the winter, almost in a state of hibernation, hatching in the early spring. While crickets are always present in nature, they seem to come in swarms during periods of drought or seasons that are drier than usual. The reason may be that more eggs survive and hatch when the weather is dry.

When Crickets Become Pests

Cricket infestations can cause unsightly conditions around business and often deter potential customers. Refuse from dead crickets creates an unappealing odor and a potential health hazard. Not only are they pests, but it causes more time and money is spent on outdoor cleanup of walkways and grassy areas. Field crickets will sometimes find their way into a home or businessexterminator but are unable to breed inside. Field crickets are easier to get rid of indoors, although pesticides designed for indoor use have little effect on them. House crickets, on the other hand, can create a lot of damage to your clothing, furniture, drapes, and wallpaper by causing permanent stains.

Keep Crickets Away

The types of building that will attract the most field crickets are those that are brightly lit. Crickets are attracted to bright light and go out on mating flights at night. Floodlights especially will attract crickets in swarms. While it is not always feasible to eliminate outdoor lighting, there are ways to cut down on the attraction.If possible, shorten the amount of time the lights are on at night. Try using other types of lighting that do not attract crickets as much. There are special “bug lights” that are yellow and incandescent rather than fluorescent or halogen. These can be changed out again when the cricket “season” is over. This is a good time to be sure there are no cracks or holes around the lighting fixtures that would allow crickets access to the home or inside a business.

Other places that crickets are prevalent are weep holes, the seam between the roof and wall, around windows and door, and any other entrances such as crawl spaces. By making sure that there are no cracks or holes in these areas, cricket’s access to the home is eliminated.

Professional exterminators often use powder-based sprays or microencapsulated sprays on concrete and brick to control the cricket infestation. Exterminators are the best way to get rid of a severe cricket problem.   The best time to reach Buddies Exterminating LLC is anytime since we are always on call at 702-878-3998.

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Updated 1/21/21