Every gardener faces the challenge of insects and other pests that eat and undermine plants and flowers, and the most experienced gardeners have a number of organic tricks up their sleeves.

Maintaining a Pest-Free Garden

Effective pest control in Las Vegas isn’t just about getting rid of annoying, damaging and dangerous insects and vermin but keeping them gone and preventing them in the first place. As gardeners, we can take a similar approach to pest control and do so in a very organic and beneficial manner.

Plant Selection

Achieving pest-free gardening usually requires planning. Just as you’ll choose plants and flowers that make sense for the Nevada climate, you’ll want an overall plan when it comes to pests. Understand which pests you’re likely to attract and how you’ll go about deterring and eliminating them.

Invite Beneficial Bugs

The best natural defense against insects that eat and otherwise undermine your garden are other bugs. These other bugs are often referred to as beneficial bugs or just beneficials. These beneficials serve as a predator to the insects you want to keep away and can serve other benefits in the garden as well. Fresh herbs and even some flowers can deter bad bugs while welcoming the beneficial ones.

Achieve Optimal Soil Conditions

Many novice gardeners don’t appreciate the balance between healthy soil and pest populations. That balance is very important, and you want to ensure soil that is ideal for your growth but less than ideal for beetles, centipedes and other pests that can undermine a garden from below. A natural solution to optimal soil condition is crop rotation. Effective rotation is when the next set of crops are ideally suited to the conditions created by the previous set of crops.

Attract Insect-Eating Birds

Birds are among a gardener’s best friends and can help keep a wide range of pest populations in check. Know which birds you’re seeking to attract and when, and provide them with nesting sites that are free from predators and otherwise give them privacy. Blending these havens into your gardening plans provides a great deal of artistic potential as well.