How Is Pigeon Perching Deterred?

The Humane Society of the United States recommends that people and organizations considering pigeon extermination in Las Vegas opt for human methods. Whether you are dealing with a small- or large-scale problem, there are pigeon control options that are humane as well as effective and cost-efficient.

Do Spices Actually Work?

Spices can work. Pigeons aren’t thrilled about strong spices, such as black pepper, cayenne pepper and cinnamon. It’s often recommended to use pomanders, and what is meant by that is creating a mixture of various aromatic substances that have been shown to repel pigeons. While spices can be effective, the problem is scale. While spices may work in a garden or on a windowsill, experts don’t generally recommend it for commercial applications since it isn’t very practical.

How About Roosting and Nesting Prevention?

Pigeons want flat surfaces for roosting and nesting. Taking those flat surfaces away makes the birds much more inclined to go elsewhere. There are many different options, including bird slides, bird wires and netting. Which approach is ideal for you depends a great deal on the specifics of your building, and it’s best to have a pro come out and perform an assessment.

What About Food Sources?

While people with a pigeon problem generally do not intentionally feed them, unintentional feeding is often an issue. If food is present, pigeons will find a way, and so, your expert can help determine problem areas and how you may be able to rectify them.

Is Pigeon Birth Control a Thing?

Yes. Pigeon birth control is an option for limiting flock size, and this is an approach that the Humane Society recommends. Consider that just a pair of pigeons are likely to raise a dozen or more offspring each year. So, bird contraceptive becomes an effective means of dealing with a problem long-term but not necessarily in the short-term.