There are two types of scorpions commonly found in Nevada, and one can cause extreme pain when it stings a human. Finding out where those pests live can help you identify the problem and know when to call an exterminator.

Locating and Exterminating Scorpions in Nevada Homes

Scorpions are small creatures with claws and a sharp barb on their tails. When confronted or frightened, these pests attack and sting humans. The damage they inflict is especially harmful to any elderly people or children living in your home. Once you know where to look for scorpions, you can find out if you have a problem and how an exterminator will remove those pests.

Where to Look for Scorpions

Desert Hairy and Bark are the two common types of scorpions found in Nevada. Bark scorpions often seek out places that are dry but moist, which is why you will find them living underneath your bathroom or kitchen sink. Homeowners and renters may also find the pests living in their bathtubs or hanging out in their hallway and bedroom closets. Desert Hairy scorpions are much larger and prefer the great outdoors. You may see burrows in your yard that indicate the scorpions are living under the ground in your yard.

Scorpion Remedies

Scorpion extermination Las Vegas companies offer different remedies for outdoor scorpions and indoor pests. They often recommend that you seal up your house and eliminate any entrances that the pests have, including holes in your siding or insulation and gaps between your floorboards. The best time to do this is usually in the cooler months, which is when the pests begin hibernating and moving a little slower. If you see even a single scorpion in your home that pest may indicate a more serious problem, which is why you should contact an extermination company.

Extermination Help

Professional extermination help is the key to removing and killing any scorpions living in your home and those living outside of your home. Exterminators will always do a walk through to find out where those scorpions lived and how they gained access to your home before deciding on the best treatment and exterminating those harmful pests.