Why Feral Pigeons Are a Major Problem

This is a reason why pigeon control in Las Vegas is so high in demand. They can carry more disease than rats and they have the ability to migrate to different areas of the country. This is why those in the pest control industry consider them to be like “flying rats.”

Rapidly Increasing Breeding

Around 20 years ago, pigeons would have one or two breeding seasons per year. These days, pigeons are breeding up to five times a year and concerns for diseases are on the rise. It is suspected that global warming is playing a role in increased breeding as pest control experts typically are on the prowl in hot weather.

Birds With Poor Hygiene

Pigeons may seem pretty to bird watchers, but they have very poor hygiene compared to some other bird species. They nest in their feces and attract mites, bacteria and other nasty things. They also attract many parasites within their nest materials, which is made up of just about anything that it can encounter. Humans can easily get sick with the spread of pigeons in any given area, which is why extermination is usually a priority.

Getting Rid of Them

Pigeons can easily adapt to human environments, which is why they are hard to get rid of in urban areas. Much like rats, that can use man-made structure to create roosts and there is an abundance of materials to make nests.

In addition, the wasteful behavior of humans gives these birds plenty of food to eat and their diets are varied. You may even find people intentionally feeding the birds with bread crumbs or scraps as a form of entertainment. This behavior should not be encouraged since it will lead to increased breeding.

Pigeon traps are the best line of defense in pest control efforts. These bob traps have one door and birds can be lured into using bread, in which the door will then shut behind them. OvoControl is another popular option, which is a chemical-laced bait that pigeons cannot resist.