Insects from the Inferno: Cool Facts About Southern Fire Ants

With the summer right around the corner, Las Vegas pests will soon be out in full force. Southern fire ants will definitely be lurking. Because southern fire ants have the ability to unleash a fiery bite, they are far scarier than the common house ant. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest facts about southern fire ants.

Predators That Have a Thirst for Fruit

Southern fire ants are known as aggressive predators. They have been known to attack a wide variety of other insects, including ticks and spiders. A fire ant’s venomous bite can kill prey in a matter of minutes. However, these menacing ants also have a sweet tooth. When harvesting fruit in your backyard, be sure to watch your hands. Don’t be surprised to find fire ants feeding on honeydew melons, apples, and strawberries.

Fire Ants Love to Bite People

If you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, you definitely risk getting stung by a fire ant. Every year, around 5 million people in America are bitten by fire ants. Although most victims will only experience temporary pain and redness, others can have an allergic reaction to the venom. Some of the telltale signs of an allergic reaction include chest pain, profuse sweating, and throat swelling. Immediate emergency care is required. In the event that you find southern fire ants on your property, seek professional pest control in Las Vegas.

Fire Ants Are Attracted to Electrical Currents

For some strange reason, fire ants tend to be drawn to electrical currents. Scientists have yet to pinpoint the cause of their strange behavior. Pay close attention when around an electrical junction box. You could be suddenly attacked by an entire colony of southern fire ants.