exterminator roachesUnderstanding the Challenges That Exterminators for Roaches Can Face

If you’re like some individuals who have had roach problems, it may have been resolved and then reappeared. Getting rid of roaches can be an ongoing problem. Learn what challenges a professional exterminator for roaches faces when eliminating roaches from your property below.

Roaches Have a Strong Exoskeleton

One of the main reasons it’s challenging for exterminators to get rid of cockroaches is their strong exoskeleton. It’s designed to withstand a significant amount of pressure and can hold up extremely well against weights equaling much more than their weight. Squashing them may slow them down but isn’t 100 percent effective in eliminating them.

They Have a Unique Circulatory System

The circulatory system in roaches is also unique. It doesn’t function the same way the circulatory system works in many other organisms. A cockroach has little holes throughout its body, allowing it to live without significant parts. This design makes them highly resilient and gives them the ability to keep scurrying around when there’s a lack of water or food. They breathe through each of these holes, allowing them to stay alive if one segment gets squashed. They can even live for as long as a week without having a head. The only reason they die is due to dehydration as they can’t take in water

Males Aren’t Required for Reproduction

Bee exterminators deal with a species that has an interesting mating ritual involved in creating more bees. Roaches also have a unique reproduction process that doesn’t require a male. Roaches can breed alone, which speeds up this process. Their reproduction cycle is fast as it only takes each egg about 60 days to mature. After that, the process quickly restarts, leaving the need to contact a pest control Las Vegas exterminator who handles this situation.

They Have Nocturnal Tendencies

Discovering roaches on your property can be challenging due to their nocturnal tendencies. While you’re lying in your bed fast asleep, they may be running around your home, and you won’t even know it. If you don’t get out of bed or have the proper lighting when you do, you may not even realize they have decided to start living with you.

Roaches Lack Natural Predators

Many types of pests in nature can be eliminated naturally by the threat of other predators. This occurrence helps a rat exterminator, for example, who won’t spend as much time implementing their techniques. Unfortunately, roaches don’t have this threat, giving them the freedom to run around and not worry about getting killed by another animal. Having the ability to avoid being killed naturally by a predator requires an exterminator for roaches to utilize specialized chemicals to eliminate them.

These Pests Use Quick Movements

The speed of roaches is also very fast, and they have a quick-release system. If a cockroach senses motion or light, it can dart away at a tremendous speed equaling about 50 body lengths in one second. These quick movements allow them to reach speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. Attempting to catch the small critters as they are whizzing away at those speeds is extremely difficult. This tremendous speed makes it almost impossible to catch and squash them to death.

They Have an Ability to Survive Radiation

During a roach’s molting cycle, their cells divide about every two weeks. Scientists believe this change in their bodies plays a part in helping them avoid the adverse effects of radiation, which is one more way they seem to escape death. While it may be only a hypothesis, it wouldn’t be surprising to see roaches survive a nuclear blast with the number of natural defenses they seem to possess.

Roaches Are Immune to Pesticides

Experts have estimated there are about 3,500 species of roaches living around the world. However, only about 30 of those species live around humans. Yet, due to their reproductive techniques, they tend to flourish. Eliminating them with the use of pesticides is challenging due to their high tolerance levels. The German roach has an exceptionally high tolerance against pesticides and tends to stay alive even when using bait traps. They may contact bait or poison in small quantities and adapt to it over time to become immune.

Having this capability to become immune to a specific pesticide requires an exterminator for roaches to utilize the latest techniques to eliminate them. In some cases, an exterminator may rotate a few different pesticides every couple of months to help ensure a successful elimination of the roach infestation.

They Attract Each Other

Having just one cockroach in your home can be a problem due to its ability to attract other cockroaches. If one shows up, more will likely appear. One of the ways they communicate with each other is through the use of their feces. Bacteria is present in the roach’s gut and is transferred to their waste matter. Roaches usually live together, allowing the reproduction cycle to ramp higher.

Pheromones also play a role in allowing them to communicate. Living together creates a habitat that expedites breeding, thus leading to challenging infestation rates that are difficult to control. Roaches can feed on small bits of waste and garbage left on floors and counters, making it essential to keep those areas clean and tidy if you want to help discourage them from staying around.

These Insects Thrive in Humid Spaces

Roach infestations can be worse if you have more humidity in your area. Kitchens and bathrooms can often be more humid than other areas of your home. However, if you’re living in a humid area, it can permeate into other areas of your property. Keeping roaches out of those areas can be more challenging as they tend to be attracted to humid spaces. Getting a dehumidifier can help. However, it will need to handle all of the square footage where an infestation is occurring.

Roaches Can Survive for Long Periods

Keeping all areas of the house clean and free of crumbs is essential if you want to help ensure you can get rid of them. Roaches can go for long periods without eating any food. However, once they find it, every cockroach will be alerted, and they will pounce on it as fast as possible. Eliminating moisture is also vital as it can assist in keeping roaches away. They can only survive for about a week without water.