brown cockroach
Roaches are disgusting little creatures that often seek out homes, apartments and office buildings. Exterminators use chemicals and other treatment methods to eliminate adult cockroaches and eggs.

Control and Exterminate the Cockroaches Living in Your Home

Even if you clean your home regularly, use insecticides on your lawn and never bring home old clothing or furniture, cockroaches can still invade your home. There are more than three dozen species of roaches that live in the Las Vegas area. Those roaches may seek out your apartment after living in an apartment nearby, and you risk bringing home the bugs in fresh produce you buy from grocery stores and farmers markets. When you see roaches, you need the help of professional exterminators to control and eliminate those bugs.

Signs of Roaches

Roaches often come inside your home when looking for shelter or a food source. Those bugs might like the warm temperature and high humidity level of your residence or the food that you leave sitting out and open inside cabinets. You may notice holes in some of your food, crumbs of food left sitting out or droppings left behind by the cockroaches. Once the infestation grows, you’ll see the roaches actually rushing around your house. Though some think that roaches only come out at night, these insects will venture out during the day too.

Extermination Treatments

Companies that offer cockroach extermination in Las Vegas often use a combination of treatment methods. The exact combination depends on both the type of roaches living in your home and how many roaches they see. Chemicals sprayed around your house kill roaches that come into contact with those substances. They may also take those chemicals back to their nests. If you have a severe infestation, the exterminator may recommend tenting your home. This pumps a large amount of chemicals inside the residence to kill all the adult roaches and any eggs or babies left behind.

Get Rid of Cockroaches

When you have a cockroach infestation, you probably hate inviting others over and may even hate coming home yourself. Working with a professional exterminator lets you get rid of that problem and ensure that those roaches do not survive and come back later.